20 Nov 2014

I woke up like this (+ giveaway!)

I never wake up like 'this'.
I wake up looking like someone who has been living under the ground for at least a couple of weeks: puffy eyes, creases in my face & a bird's nest on top.
I got this tee from TheMusthaves and it's my favorite out of all their it-shirts. The bold line is totally an eye-catcher and what else to add than my teal-colored faux fur coat? I'd say the perfect and fun all-day-every-day look for these cold winterdays.
You know what's also fun? I am hosting a giveaway for all the bird's nests out there, and you can totally win this musthave tee yourself! (in a size S) Are you in?

Here's what you'll need to do in order to enter the giveaway:
- Like my Facebook page Vanilla & Velvet
- Follow me on Instagram
- Leave a comment with your e-mail & name so I can contact you in case you're the winner

This giveaway is open worldwide and will run until the 3rd of December, I will announce the winner the day after. Winners will be picked by using random.org. Goodluck to you all!


17 Nov 2014

Girl power

A cheeky post this time. Showing you some female inspiration on this cold Monday morning.
I guess because of my new camera, my interest in photography is growing. Or maybe it's still just the fact that I love scrolling through Pinterest, finding one good picture after another.

I'm still very busy with my thesis, but I hope to post a few oufits this week, showing you some new items which I got for my birthday last week. I can already tell you; their pretty awesome. At least, that's what I think.
Tell me, are you by any chance thinking about spicing things up a bit in your life when seeing these pics? Happy Monday!



14 Nov 2014

Veni Vedi Vici

How about that Wang-mania last week? As I told you in this post, I wasn't sure about this collection, but still I wanted to go and check it out in real life. Well: veni, vedi, vici!
This is my Alexander Wang for H&M score: the cropped scuba sweater. I got it in a size M instead of a size S because it was all catfight-like in there, but I guess this is okey too. As the sweater is already big and square-like I figured, is one size too big going to stop me from getting my hands on a Wang x H&M piece?

Eventhough this is a cropped sweater and cropped items are always more of a challenge to style, I can think of a dozen ways to style it. Today I went for the H&M collaboration-look: my Wang sweater, a highwaisted striped pants & my Maison Martin Margiela x H&M heels. It's all about the details.
So, now it's your turn to tell me what you think about my Wang-score. I know some of you - just like I was - were surprised by the high content of sportswear meets divers clothing. When you see this sweater in an outfit, is it still a no go?


9 Nov 2014

Bday cravings

The winterseason is for gifts! There is Christmas in December, and we Dutchies also have a celebration called 'Sinterklaas' during that month, and last but not least, there is my birthday too!
This Wednesday I'm turning 23 years old, and as much as I don't like to get older - the best high school memories seem to come back to me very often lately - I still looove my birthday!

I made a little wishlist, like I did last year, and the funny thing is: nothing changed. Don't get me wrong, I am a happy girl and already have everything my heart desires, but a girls gotta dream, right?My wishes still consist out of clothing, bags & shoes. How transparent of me. One new category this year: beauty products. But that's maybe just because I'm completely out of perfume & bronzer!
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, the sun is shining!


1. Fur scarf via Asos | 2. Zara derby's, saw them last week, now the seem to have disappear into thin air | 3. Whistles clutch via De Bijenkorf

7 Nov 2014

Eye catcher

Morrrning! All new items on this Friday morning. The jeans - I ordered it online and that's always a totall gamble - and the boots, and than this Girls on Film floral jacket from Little Mistress. A British webshop which has the prettiest party dresses, rose printed items and classy jumpsuits. This jacket was one of those eye-catchers I just had to have in my closet. And then there was no other way combining this sweet floral jacket with some ripped jeans and my hipster sunnies. Making the look 'me', is what that's called!

Did anyone scored any Alexander Wang x H&M goodies yesterday? As you could have seen on Facebook I for sure went to the store and, well, I can already tell you: veni, vedi, vici! I will soon show you what I got on the blog! Happy Friday!


5 Nov 2014

Alexander Wang x H&M

With only one day left before the collection hits the stores, I want to know your thoughts about the Alexander Wang for H&M collection. So, let's discuss!
I think it was no longer than a year ago that I found out my favorite designer was going to collaborate with H&M. I was over the moon excited, especially since all the previous collaborations with H&M were all faboulous. Stylight made a very cool overview about all the designer collaborations H&M did in the past ten years, so be sure to check that out.
When the collection became known I was - to be honest - a bit disappointed: I wanted a wearable designer piece, not all that sporty stuff. And what's with the scuba-shoes?
Anyway, I turned around a bit and I will be in front of those doors when they open at 9 o'clock.
I have set my mind upon the grey sweater

What do you think about this collection? Yay or nay?
And if it's a yay, let me know what's on your wishlist!



31 Oct 2014


Goooodmorning lovely's! It's a Saturday and I have a brand new outfit for you guys, containing two items that are a bit more eccentric than usual: the bag and the pants!

About the look
I've never worn such an item on the blog before: palazzo pants! When ordering this palazzo pants (it comes from the same order as this golden skirt and a silver croptop that I yet need to show you, so I guess we can call that a boundery-crossing-moment) I did not even first thought about how to style it, I just figured it would turn out okay anyway. And it did! At least, in my opinion..
And then: the bag! Not an item you see that often, a triangular bag, but I love my new leather take-it-everywhere-clutch from Candybag! Their webshop is under construction, but you can check out the Facebookpage and still shop 'till ya drop because they ship worldwide! What do you think about these two uncommon shades of blue and green, together

Last week I went into town with Laura from MIXT fashion & lifestyle and we shot these pictures. I think they turned out great, thanks to her photography-talent and the fun strolls around Utrecht in order to find perfect shooting-spots. She did a little interview with me by the way, you can read it on her blog



30 Oct 2014

Trend: plastic fantastic

Let's discuss: the see-through/transparent trend.
It started with see-through umbrellas, then the wearable items were introduced: shoes, bags, raincoats and even tops and skirts.
I, personally, like things that are a bit different, as long as it's wearable and when it adds something extra to the whole look.
But transparent boots? You'd constantly need your pedicure to be perfect. Actually, you need to have perfect feet in general. As in, perfect..

An angel would say:
Why not? It's just another fun trend and if you want to stand out this is the way to do it.

The devil would say:
No-go for this trend. It's just pieces of plastic and everyone can see what's underneath that piece of plastic. You'll be as transparant as what you're wearing and that will entice a lot of pickpockets.

So, what will it be? The devil or the angel?

Pictures from Pinterest