28 Aug 2014

When in Barcelona

Six days in Barcelona, the city of tapas and architecture. A city I've been before two times. It's not like New York, or Amsterdam, or any other big city for that matter. It just has it's own magical touch.
I even upgraded my 'speaking Spanish' for these Barcelona days. All I can say is 'yo soy una mujer' and - ofcourse - 'una cervezza por favor', but hey, it's a start!

We left rainy Amsterdam behind on a Sunday morning and flew right were the sun was hot and the sangria was waiting.
We rented bikes and cycled around the city, discovering tiny streets and cute buildings.
Day two: beachday. Crowded beach but who cares? We're in Barca!
The weather was without doubt better than in Holland, but day 3, 4 and 5 the sun was gone. Perfect for doing cultural activitities! --> Parc Guell, the Sagrada Familia, the Cathedral, Mount Monjuic and the Olympic city, and so on.
We also went to the Human Bodies Exposition, heard of that? Very cool and informative, real bodies and all!

Tips and tricks
- A tapasrestaurant called Catalana Cerveseria, at the Carrer de Mallorca. The BEST tapas in town. That's why the wait is about 1,5 hours!
- Renting bikes at Rent a Bike Barcelona, located on the Ramblas: seriously a go! You can discover the whole city and it's cheap!
- After a beach day: Makamaka, a very cute and relaxed burgerrestaurant with the best cocktails. Located: Passeig Don Joan Borbó 76. 
- La Boqueria, a big food market where you can get everything fresh! Dates, gambas, nougat, calamari, olives etc.! Very nice to just walk around and eat.
- Use Airbnb.com for finding nice and cozy apartments, most of the time it's more fun than staying at a hotel! 

So, the main thing we did was eat - if you haven't noticed. Barcelona, a city I would so recommend to go visit! You could have seen some pics on my Instagram, but here's some more!



26 Aug 2014


Black strings, that's basically what this 'top' is made from. Long, black fringes, all held together in some sort of arty way- at least, I think it's pretty arty the way this item holds itself together. It is supposed to be a dress for when going to the beach - because of the obvious see-trough - but in Barcelona it actually really doesn't matter how much skin is showed, I noticed.Ofcourse I wore some denim shorts underneath, just to not look at all lost, looking for the beach or something. Because it actually wasn't beach-weather that day.. These shots were taken in front of the Plaza del Toros Monumental, where they used to have bullfights. I'm just glad they stopped the bullfights and kept the pretty building.

Due to suitcase-capacity I'm wearing flipflops in these pics. Not my first choice - it probably would have been some high heels or big black boots - but hey, ones gotta make do with what they have. That's also the reason why I'm wearing this black vintage bag again. I pretty much lugged this bag with me everywhere the six days I was in this gorgeous city.

So what do you think? Is this outfit too much? (or actually, too little?)



23 Aug 2014

Barcelona streets

Helloooo to you on this cold Saturday morning. Sorry for the blog-absence! Six days of busy Barcelona and some poor internet connection made me decide I wasn't going to put up half finished, bad quality posts. So, being back in Holland means being back in the game again!

Say 'hi again' to this green playsuit, worn once on the blog before, but that was in the beginning fase of Vanilla & Velvet, a.k.a the pictures weren't that pretty..
So there it is again, this bright green playsuit: open back and cut-out details all included. Wandering around in the streets of Barcelona which are all wide and clean with the most beautifully architected buildings.
I could have gone for the big statement jewelry, but my new favorite is this small golden necklace from Luz. They have so many cute options to choose from, but this 'bar' necklace made the cut. And sometimes it's not so bad to put silver and gold together, like in this outfit. Eventhough the real reason is that I couldn't pack my whole shoe-collection. 

This upcoming week: more outfits from Barcelona and a diary about the city itself! Stay tuned!
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16 Aug 2014

Soft side

Sometimes, a rock 'n roll outfit (a leather top, grey faded jeans and black slip ons counts as rock 'n roll for me) needs a touch of femininity.
Luckely, Invito knows exactly how to manage that and they got me this floral bag to go with this black outfit. So besides the blond hair, the bag is working it's female factor and making this outfit look like it also has it's soft side.

Today is all about packing my suitcase for Barcelona. I want to shoot a lot of outfits over there, because of the magic of the city and the cute little streets, so packing a tiny suitcase is kind of a challenge on this Saturday morning.

Happy weekend and stay tuned for some Spanish influence on the blog in the upcoming days!
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13 Aug 2014

Style tackle

I'm still in love with my cheetah printed loafers from Lady Del Toro, but sometimes I feel a bit too neat when wearing them. Know what I mean?
'Neatness' isn't really my style, so I have to turn the look around. I have to create something that is both feminime als though. Because that's the best I can do when describing my style. So in a way, I'm tackeling one style and turn it into another. Or a mix of styles, that works too!
I figured some leather pants and some black and white stripes should do the trick for today.
Because they are neat, but they are also way too pretty to just leave in my closet and to never take out for a spin. Besides, the oversized cutout sunnies is doing a fine job too tackeling that 'neat' feeling!

The upcoming days will be all about detoxing, catching up on sleep and packing for Barcelona!
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11 Aug 2014

Something old

Sometimes, taking a peek in the back of your closet can be a real eye-opener.
You'll probably find the following items:
- The ugliest dresses, you'll wonder why you ever bought them
- Tops with grammy prints - yes, I found a couple of those
- Skirts which are waaay to short and waaay to tight
- T-shirts with holes in them
- Some high school (very) basic tops
- And, in this case: a highwaisted printed shorts in a vague purple color

Those - slighly written off - items should be reconsidered. And that is how this short ended up in today's outfit post. It's a simple look but I would so wear it to a festival.
Conclusion: this very old shorts is perfect for re-use! It may not be 'trending' - it's almost vintage - but it's a lot of fun to create a 'new' look with something that has been in your closet for years!
By the way, festival season is slowly coming to and end and I haven't been to a single one! Rushing is in order!

Do you guys re-use old item often? Or do you just throw them away after a few years?


8 Aug 2014

Trend report: momjeans

A new topic: trend report!
Every now and then I will pull out some crazy and eye-opening trend which is emerging and today is all about momjeans. Already seen those?
Like with every new trend when it comes to jeans, we all need to get used to it first. Like this momjeans-trend. Let's discuss and tell me what you think! 

The fit
It's not carrot-shaped (like skinny jeans) and not hourglass-shaped, but square-shaped. Yes, big and quadrangular. So no to the shape, but probably yes to the fit. What other reason can there possibly be for this jeans to be shaped like this besides comfortability?

The look 
Heels? Flats? Sneakers? It depends on what you are trying to achieve with the momjeans. Is it a staight-on mommy look? Then some flats will aply. Furthermore, this type of jeans cán look good with the right choice of addings. A plain white shirt on top and some killer golden heels at the bottom? Yes for me!

A lot of different opinions are circeling around in the world of fashion. 
Ofcourse the real die-hards already love the momjeans, otherwise it would'nt have become a 'trend' in the first place. First we scream, kick and hate the new trend, and then slowly we give in. 
For me it's still the 'I don't know yet'- fase. But I will give in.
I mean, the pics below are all looking pretty badass to me, you agree? 


Holy pants

A very basic look on this Friday morning. Sometimes simple is good. When going basic - other words used for basic in my vocabulary: comfortable or casual - I try not to get too basic. Sometimes particular pieces are so lovely but when you put them on, the instantly give the look a basic edge. Like this vest.
That's not a bad thing though, because like I sad: basic looks can be pimped too!
These very destroyed jeans are the perfect pimp-up-your-basic-look attire. I've been looking for the perfect destroyed highwaisted shorts but I haven't found a perfect one yet. The more holes the better.

Happy Friday, you made it to the weekend!
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