18 Sep 2014

Cluse giveaway 2.0

Because the previous Cluse giveaway was a big hit, here it is again!
However, this time it is slightly different!
Pinterest: one of my favorite websites when we talk pictures. I can 'stroll' around for hours on that site, and just pin, pin, pin all the lovely pictures the website contains.

Now, here's what I need from you guys!
- In order to win - meaning: pick any watch you like from the Cluse website - you need to create a 'moodboard' on Pinterest, showing me with what outfit/accessory/fashion-items you would style a watch from Cluse. Name the board VanillaVelvetxCluse.
- Follow Vanilla & Velvet on Bloglovin' & like the Facebook-page
- Follow Cluse on Pinterest
- Leave a comment here with your name, e-mail and the link of your Pinterest board!

Extra entry:
- Follow Vanilla & Velvet on Twitter and tweet this: "I can #win a watch from Cluse, by entering the #giveaway on @vanillavelvett "

This giveaway is open worldwide. It will end the 9th of October! Goodluck to you all, excited to see all your moodboards!


16 Sep 2014

Not over yet

Due to the sudden sun overload I kept my shorts close instead of tucking them to the back of my closet. Apparently summer isn't really over yet. This cow short is one of the cutest shorts I own, but also very hard to style. Here's why:
1. Because it is so white it only can be worn with the same crisp white 'color', and all my tops seem to become a little less white when time passes by..
2. The print makes you instantly want to put white or black on top, so no colors, really.

I'm enjoying the street style pics from New York and London Fashion week BIG time, wish I was there! But a girls gotta have her dreams, and in the mean time it gives me the opportunity to 'steel'  some of the more than perrrrfect looks that were shot. Inspirations, inspirations..

I'm off to work for the next three days! Enjoy those last sunrays! I know I did, so expect some more summer outfits!


12 Sep 2014


Those last rays of sun. Fall is coming and tanning is no longer doable, but when you wake up to a not so gray day, you gotta take advantage of that. Meaning: show those legs one last time.
An easy but fun look today. Maybe it's the top with diamond print, maybe it's the new boots from Invito. I guess new boots are always fun. And dressing up for a not expected sunny day is too. 

I'm keeping it short today, what is everybody up to this weekend? Tomorrow I'm working and Sunday is hopefully going to be one of those cleaning/relaxing/organizing days. You know: balcony doors open, happy music tunes and sunshine 
Oke, I'm daydreaming, byeeee for now! 


10 Sep 2014

Trend report: butt rip

Another denim related trend report on this Wednesday morning.
This one is not an abvious trend yet. It's still on the down low, and my guess is that it will stay there.
We have seen our fair share of ripped jeans already, this is a whole new one: the butt rip.
I'm talking about a perfectly normal jeans with just one big rip right underneath the bottom.
What is it about?
- To want attention and to provoke reactions ?
- Just trying a new 'destroyed jeans'- effect?
- Had to much for lunch and ripped out of your pants?

I'm not quite sure why yet, but - just like most crazy but wearable trends - I like it! (or maybe just in this picture)
Ofcourse, since it is still in the 'sensing' fase, a lot of questions will be asked when wearing something like this for the first time, like: 'did you get started on turning your jeans into shorts and then forget to finish?'

What's your opinion about this 'trend' and tell me: would you dare to be the first to wear something like?



8 Sep 2014

Long & lacey

Merrrrry Monday! Yes, it is Monday already , bummer. But let's just start the week with a good cup of coffee, a recapitulation of New York Fashion week's finest streetstyle, and this white maxidress!
Is white a fall trend this year? Or the maxidress, even?
Today I'm wearing both and I must confess: since it's not summertime anymore and I couldn't rock this white lacey dream dress at the beach, I had to come up with a more fall-approved look.
I'm not givin' in to the colder days yet and a jacket seemed not right for a maxidress anyway, so a striped blouse was the perfect solution!

I took the brown boots out for a spin again. Feeling a bit like puss-in-boots, me being a small girl and the long dress and all, but hey, it worked out fine for now! They bring back good memories, like that one day I brought them home with me and just simply stared at them for days. For real, days..


2 Sep 2014

Clear pick

Just a few quick snapshots, showing you that these sneakers can go with both though and girly looks. 
I categorized this as a girly look - with the ruffled skirt and all - but I bet you see what I see. By adding these wave kicks to the whole attire, it completely turned into a not so girly look. I would say skater-chic, in a way. Probably because of the big knit on top of it all.
I choose blue on top because - in this case - when you have blue below it's going to turn into a big fat colorparty and sometimes that's just not what you look for in an outfit.
Being as printed and as two-colored as these Adidas kicks are, the bright blue knit was a clear pick. By the way, I'm all about clear picks lately! Saves me time, too! I used to stand in front of my closet for hours and now, every year I'm getting older, that seems to get easier. 

So, tell me! What do you think about sometimes keeping an outfit 'at ease'?


1 Sep 2014


Fall is on our doorstep: days are getting darker, temperatures drop and it has been raining non stop for the past couple of days.
And eventhough the weatherman told us this week it's going to be 27 degrees - all the sudden - the shorts and skirts are already being tucked away in the back of our closets.

August went by like a flash. Perhaps it feels that way because it was still holiday-season and now college is about to start again, but I'm not liking it. When August turns into September, it means summer is almost over.
I did some internetshopping last week: a denim short & a big baby-blue knit. Two completely different items, regarding the seasons.

Here's what I wore in August, the last three looks being from Barcelona! Noticed: I'm wearing different shoes in every look! Which one is your favorite?


30 Aug 2014

Red blouse

A third and final look from what I wore during my time in Barcelona. 
Again the light blue shorts, I know, but I warned you a couple of months ago that this was going to happen. It just is a simple and nice summer piece and with this outfit it proves it can go with pretty much anything. 
When you travel light - for me that was just bringing one suitcase (the handluggage version) - you can only wear what you brought. And I brought this bright red blouse with oversized pockets with me. I got it a year ago at Nastygal and I admit, I only worn it once or twice. So it was time to give it a go again.
But, as it turns out, this was a perfect look for late night cocktails at MakaMaka, the cute place I told you before in a earlier post!

From now on, I'm back in rainy Holland, meaning that from now on some warmer looks will be up on the blog. I guess summer is really over. I just ordered a warm and cozy knit and there is more new stuff I have yet to show you, so stay tuned!