19 Aug 2015


The bomber jackets are making a comeback!
A comeback from last fall that is, because that's when they were introduced again, after being hot in the 80's.
But they are back this fall, and I saw some pretty nice individuals I would like to have hanging in my closet passing by already, like this one, or this one

11 Aug 2015

Le skirt

Summer in the city! And that means showing off some leg.
Here in Amsterdam it's all about dressing up, at least: everywhere I look I see girls looking fashion from head to toe.
And especially with this nice summer weather we finally have going on here, one after the other good looking skirt is on te streets, showing of those tanned legs (for which we had to lay on the beach for 7 days, all oiled up)

5 Aug 2015

Travel: Bangkok tips & tricks

As you might know I went to Bangkok some weeks ago.
I've been in Bangkok four times now, so I thought it was time to share with you all my tips and tricks: Sightseeing, where to have dinner, where to shop, read all about it!

30 Jul 2015

Rain jacket

This has been a wet week. 
Can't really call it a wet summer, because we had some pretty good days and good days are upon us, but the past week was like Autumn. Literally sweater-weather. 
No shorts and skirts for that matter, no showing off my tan.
BUT: a raincoat (or jacket) and some new shoes!

22 Jul 2015

The denim dress

This summer's key piece: the denim dress.
It's everywhere, I've seen it in all different versions: long sleeve, short sleeve, dark or light colored.
I got my hands on this particular piece from Oasap and it will be my to go dress this summer.
To go to the supermarket, to go have lunch in the city, to even go to a festival wearing it.

19 Jul 2015


Probably the most 'difficult' piece of clothing I own, but also a very cool one.
Difficult because of the open back and open front, meaning bra troubles. Actually no bra was involved, there was a whole lot of tape to keep everything in place.

15 Jul 2015


As hot as it gets here - and here being Mallorca, Spain - it is almost a requirement to wear as little as possible fabric. Meaning: a tanktop and pretty short shorts will do. But let me at least wear this tanktop, particular color and scallop hem (as so they call it), scored at Topshop on sale.