21 Apr 2015


Is Summer here already?
I'm the type of girl who always get's a little too excited when Summer is right around the corner. Buying all sorts of shorts and skirts, but above all: bikini's!

18 Apr 2015


You might have seen this on Instagram already, but I got a new backpack!
It's actually a design from a very talented friend of mine, her brand is called KNOF.
I love the clean look, it's minimalistic and it pretty much gives every outfit a bit of an urban vibe.
Most important: you can put your whole life in it, thát much space.
I'm a fan.

12 Apr 2015

Would love to wear #3

Some dungarees, some very pretty textured snake-like boots and a simple striped top: this is what I would loveeee to wear right now.

6 Apr 2015


The Teddy. Probably one of the last times you're going to see me wearing such a warm coat, because Spring is finally on our doorsteps.
The teddy coat makes this 'dark' look a bit lighter and a bit more playful, but so do the sneakers.
I actually don't really know if we can call these sneakers, but it's not a boot either, so let's stay with sneakers!
This is another shoot I did for Invito. Nothing I've ever worn before but there is a first for everything. I really like the texture and the sporty vibe that they have going on, what about you?

Happy Easter everyone, I'm off eating lot's of chocolate and having dinner with the family, if I still can..

1 Apr 2015


Back in time. The flares are back, back from the 70's. A while back I blogged about the comeback of flared jeans and that I wanted to try out this trend myself.
I remember the introduction of the skinny jeans some years ago and just like back then, the switch from skinny to flared is something everybody needs to get used to first.

28 Mar 2015

Old and new

A bunch of mixes in today's look: a vintage blazer/ a Christmas top / and some animal printed sneakers.
I said it before and I will keep saying it, I think that's the power of creating outfits: mixing & matching. Why not put 'old' and 'new' together in one look?
As you might have noticed I did some shoots for Invito, and this is alreayd the third pair of shoes from those shoots. To be honest I think animal print and black - like with this pair of sneakers - are always a slightly dangerous combination, but that's why today I added a light color and a 'Christmas' top. I say Christmass because I simply don't know another word for it: it's not lace and it's not embroidery, it's just cute, if I may say so myself.

What do you think about these sneakers?
And what are you up to on this Saturday morning?

23 Mar 2015


A little bit on the Parisian tour with this outfit. Maybe I should try a low knot some time, the hairdo that really screams Paris.
You've seen the jeans (but to me it never gets old) and you've seen the top/bag/jacket, but you haven't seen the shoes! They are from Invito's new collection and I really like the 'masculine-yet-feminine' vibe that they have going on.
So, two styles in this look today: Paris & une touche masculine.

I'm happy Spring is finally here. I'm through with all my winteroutfits, so it was about time!

22 Mar 2015

Interior: Lofts

A loft in midtown Manhattan New York.
If someone would ask me: what's your dream house? Here's your answer.
And ofcourse, a crips white villa in Spain only a one minute walk away from the ocean is a nice follow upper, but right now that dream is still New York.

The thing about lofts:
- They are incredibly spacey. (a minimum of walls seems to be the reason for that)
- Because of the big windows (in almost every loft) you always have enough light.
Plus: a nice view is included if you're up high.
Plus: romantic stargazing is an option when the night falls.
- You can furnish the space anyway you like. To me it looks like it's actually a challenge to just put pieces of furniture in the middle of a room to create little 'spaces'. But there's that word: challenge!

I did some Pinterest-ing and collected the best looking lofts nowadays.
Looking at these pictures makes me want to work real (real) hard, so that one day that dream may come true.