19 Jul 2014

Purple leopard

Dresses. You don't see me wear them a lot. I do own a lot of them, but those are the classy cocktail ones, the ones you don't wear to go to the supermarket. This new one is actually one of the few daytime-dresses I own right now.
When ordering a dress like this, it can be a complete disaster or it can turn out the good way. The leopard print is a different leopard then all the others, with a color that used to be my favorite: purple. It turned out all good and I thought about styling this one up the easy way. Just some (very cool) cutout sunnies from Oasap and my Maison Martin Margiela x H&M wedges. I will probably still be in love with those when I'm 50. And about the sunnies, I already got a lot of compliments about it and Oasap is the one and only selling it, so what are you waiting for? Go, go, go!
This is the outfit I wore to a 'day with the family', I thought it was perfect for it! What do you think?

This is the first time I show you my ear-jewelry. I'm looking for a silver 'bar' just like the one I'm wearing, only shorter, to creat this look I showed you a while ago. You like it so far?

I'm off, don't forget to enter the Laimbock giveaway! Win yourself a pair of leather gloves!


17 Jul 2014

Wave print

New in: these awesome blue and white wave-printed sneakers from Adidas.
Also known as the Adidas zx Flux sneakers, remeber I blogged about them in an earlier post?
I always find it hard to choose when it comes to picking a sneakers. There are so many different styles, colors & patterns. Pro0031, the store I got them from, has so many cool Flux sneakers and it was hard to make a choise. But in the end it came down to only two: the leopard ones and the wave ones. Then I asked myself the question: who owns wave-printed sneakers? Not so many people, I can imagine. And now I'm the proud owner.
I can't wait to style these. I can see myself wearing these with a skinny jeans, but also with some girly skirt. The shoes came with two kinds of laces, black and white. Which do you like better?

In the meantime, enter the Laimbock giveaway to win a pair of biker gloves! Click here!



15 Jul 2014

'Play' suit

I loooove myself a jumpsuit. My closet is full with them. Or should I say playsuit, since the short versions of the jumpsuit are called that way.
Printed playsuits, ruffled playsuits, you name it and I have it. This all white one is the latest addition to my wardrobe, specially bought for the opening party of my lustrum. Theme: white.
And unfortunately I won't be wearing heels with it (you should agree, that would look waaaay hotter, right?) but since this playsuit is literally a 'play' suit, I figured some flats won't look horrible either. So here I am, showing off this twirly little white thing with an extra low back.

I'm writing this post on a very rainy Wednesday afternoon, hoping it will be all sunny next week.
I'm still a little behind on the 'to do'-list and I want it all to be done in time. The chores - money matters & school stuff - aren't that nice, but that is kind of the whole reason I keep pushing them away, I guess.

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12 Jul 2014

Same but different

Shorts and crop tops, that's all we need these days.
Not too cropped, we should still dare to walk the streets, but add a highwaisted denim shorts and it's all good. I remember I shot an outfit a lot like this one at the same spot, but today I added some white and just those little details make this look a total different one.

Amsterdam Fashion week kicked of the other day and I'm so bummed I can't attend any show. I should not complain because I have a pretty fun 2 weeks ahead of me, but still, those fashion weeks are always happening when I'm not available to go see some fashion.

From now on I will post some outfits related to the upcoming parties from my lustrum. I will wear dresses, jumpsuits & shorts, stay tuned to see what I'll wear the next 10 days.
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8 Jul 2014

Giveaway: Laimbock biker gloves!

It's time for a brand new giveaway!
This time you can win a very cool pair of leather Laimbock gloves, worth of 79,95! I know it's still summer, but one should think ahead!
I'm giving away a size 8, guessing/hoping that this is the most common size for us ladies..

Some info:
- The pair I'm giving away comes in a light purple color.
- They are biker-ish, you gotta love the studds!
- It is a (gloves) size 8. So get yourself a tape-measure and find out if your hand circumference is 8 inches/18-19 cm. 
- The label Laimbock exists since 1831 and their gloves are made out of the softest & finest quality leather. 

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This giveaway is open worldwide! You can enter until the 30th of July and I will announce the winner the day after. Goodluck to you all!



7 Jul 2014

Wish festival

Friday I went to Wish Outdoor. A huuuuge festival amid the meadows in the North of my little country called Holland. And boy, do they make the appearance of the stage make you wanna say wow!
Festival season has started and every weekend a lot of fun festivals kick off. So did Wish Outdoor, on Friday, Saturday & Sunday the dj's blew everyone away. At the festival I spoke to some people from Swiss and they told me they drove over 8 hours just to be at Wish, how cool is that?

When going to a festival my outfits always look a bit more distinct. In this case; my new cutout sunnies, (more about that later) a crop top, some highwaisted sporty shorts & my slip ons from Invito. Also, the fact that is was over 28 degrees that day made me want to wear nothing else but cropped tops. 
I shot some pictures while I was there, enjoy! And tell me about your favorite festivals from all over the world!


5 Jul 2014

Easy does it

Bloggers not only need to deal with a certain 'writers-block' every now and then, sometimes the inspiration to create a inspiring new outfit is a difficult task as well. Sometimes it's such a nice feeling to just throw on something and to not think a whole lot about the outfit.
On the other side, even when you just throw on something, you don't want to look like as if you threw on all your basic items just because you wanted to do it the easy way for a day. 
Too much basics equals soporific-ness.
Just two tips: accessories & a basic item that has just that extra touch. In this case, a big shell necklace and a basic top with paint splashes from Lushified
The message of this post: it does not always need to be all shimmer & shine, but a basic easy outfit can look just as good if you use the right items. 

Yesterday it was a beach day, today it is a stay-innnn-and-watch-series day. That's just how it rolls over here in Holland; one day a sunny 30 degrees day and the next thunderstorms and rain.
This weekend: tonight I will watch the game (can't wait!) and plan my vacation. Also I'm gonna do some work on the blog. 
Stay tuned, some festival pics will be online soon!


2 Jul 2014


June has come to end. For me it was the month my vacation started and that is always a good thing.
I'm still planning my vacations - a bit late, I know - so any tips and trics are welcome!
In 1,5 week I will start post my 10-days-lustrum posts, it will mostly be outfit-posts, the 'what-I-will-wear' looks for that day. I don't know how yet, since I will be pretty much hangover, like, everyday. That's sounds horrible, I know, and I'm preparing for it physically and mentally. But believe me, it will be lovely!

This week: I'm going to the beach on Friday and I'm planning my vacations. What are your plans?
These are the looks I wore in June, click on 'read more' to see them apart from each other. Which one is your favorite?