31 Jan 2015

On fire

The days of rain/snow/hailstorms are finally getting behind us and it's safe to go outside again without getting totally ambushed by mother nature. A bit of snow here and there, but no big winterboots needed.

This pants is on fire. It's not even that red (it's more orange-red, actually) but I'm glad I scored this one on sale the other day because it just has that 'on fire' attitude. Maybe it's because of the black stripe, or because of the fact that I'm wearing it with my leather jacket which instantly gives a look a rock-attitude, but I'm still convinced a fire must be extinguished over here.
And what about my new bag? It's kind of a neat one (I guess suede gives me that idea) but again, with the leather jacket the bag is immediately part of the I'm-on-fire-club. For sure one of my favorite looks at the moment!

What do you think about a red pants like this? How would you style it?


29 Jan 2015

Trending: the half bun

I've been wearing the half bun for a while now. A couple of years ago I probably would not have worn it, but I tried it once a while back and it has been my hairdo ever since.
Nowadays this hairdo is declared an actual trend and I see more and more people wear it everyday. But a lot of people think this should not be a trend at all. Let's discuss!

Some say it's only meant for bad hair days, because it can turn a not so fine coupe into something casual. But that's it though, only for those days.

It's easy, it looks as if you did not put a whole lot of work into it but it still looks cool, and this bun looks good even 2 or 3 days after washing your hair. It go's with pretty much any look too: casual, trendy or the more preppyer looks.

I looked up some of the best half bun-inspiration pics, and as you might have guessed I am in the 'go-team' for this hairdo.
So, tell me! Is it a go or a no go for these half buns?


27 Jan 2015


Did anyone ever told me not to wear 'wide on wide'? Ofcourse they did.
Did I do it anyway? Ofcourse I did.
This was what I was wearing last Saturday, when me and Laura attented the SIS by Spijkers & Spijkers show at Amsterdam fashionweek, you could have read about here.
Besides the wide-on-wide mistake, I also went for comfortable instead of finishing this look the right way: with a pair of high heels. But I've learned that fashionweek is not all about high heels and cold skirts, on the contrary: not following 'the fashionrules' might give you the look you were looking for all along.

What do you think? Should I have worn heels anyway?
And do you ever ignore the fashionrules and just wear what you want to wear?


25 Jan 2015

Smart presents: SIS by Spijkers & Spijkers

Hi on this cold Sunday morning!
Yesterday I went to the Smart presents SIS by Spijkers & Spijkers show in Amsterdam.
I went with Laura from MIXT fashion and it was a lot of fun!
The collection is inspired by insects and I loved the bright yellow dress, the checked suit and the sheer printed dress, all featured below!

Click on 'read more' for some catwalk shots and behind-the-scene pictures! The outfit I was wearing will be on the blog in a bit! Meanwhile, did you enter the Cluse giveaway yet? Enter here!


21 Jan 2015


It has been raining cats and dogs lately. Lucky for me I scored the perfect item for these types of days: a raincoat! Remember those bright yellow patent leather jackets you used to wear when you were little? Mine is kinda like that, only midnight blue and cropped!
This one is from the Hilfiger collection, the one that's on the runway every fashionweek.
Not a typical item everybody has hanging in their closets, but the moment I spotted it I knew it needed to be hanging in my closet.
Besides the shiny blue coat I also threw in an animalprint-mix, to spice it up a bit: some fur, a snake print & leopard loafers!

I also scored another item from Tommy, stay tuned because it will be on the blog soon!
In the meanwhile, did you enter the Cluse giveaway yet? Enter here!


14 Jan 2015

Cluse giveaway 3.0

To kick off the year giveaway-wise, here's another giveaway in collaboration with Cluse watches!
Three time's the charm, right?
Since the last giveaway I did with Cluse, a lot of new designs and colors were added to their collection. You can win yourself a lovely watch from the La Boheme collection!

Here's what you'll need to do for a chance to win:
- Follow Vanilla & Velvet on Bloglovin'
- Like Vanilla & Velvet's Facebook-page
- Follow Cluse on Instagram 
 - Leave a comment here with your name and e-mail and tell me your entries!

Extra entry: (not required but it improves your chance to win!)
- Follow Vanilla & Velvet on Instagram and re-post the giveaway picture on my profile, mention @vanilla.andvelvet and use the #vanillaandvelvetxcluse hashtag

Ready, set, go!
This giveaway is open worldwide. It will end the 4th of February! Goodluck to you all!

12 Jan 2015

Seasonal blue

Oh may, the weather is crazy out here. For the petite country that we are, we can almost call it a hurricane. At least I do, because every gust makes me anxiously question if my windows will fall out. So between storm & rain I shot these pictures, wearing my new favorite 'the-end-of-winter-is coming-piece'. Because despite of this stormy weather, it's not that cold anymore!

I told you before about this babyblue coatigan I got from Costes, it's the perfect item to just throw over an outfit and wear it as an actual coat, but also to wear it as just a vest, adding some accessories to the whole. And how about this navy blue bag to go with it? I've you seen my Instagram lately, you could have seen a lot of blue shades nowadays. I guess it's my favorite color this season, in all it's pretty appearances. What's your color of the season?

It's Monday again, what is everybody up to this week?
Don't get blown away!


11 Jan 2015

Costes blogger breakfast

A few weeks back, when it was still 2014, I went to the Costes bloggers breakfast.
It was held in the Yoghurt barn in Amsterdam and you just gotta love that place.
I had a lot of fun talking to the Costes team and some other bloggers. So good to try out all the little yoghurt cups they had picked out for us, definitely a health-boost!
We all got the change to pick an item from the party-collection, my pick and another lovely babyblue Costes coat will be on the blog in a bit!

During the event they shot a couple of pictures and I just had to share. I hope you like them!