A bit different

It's my first 'bare-legged-look' of the season! And eventhough those two might need some (a lot!) more sun, the weather allowed us to show some skin!

As I ordered this skirt two weeks ago @ Asos (frequent flyer there, I can tell you) I already had this look in mind. Because the skirt is already colorfull, the rest of the outfit needed to be 'serene'. So no big necklace (I considered it though) and no rings or a bag.
I'm normally not the tight ass-skirt kinda girl - if you know what I mean - but this one I had to have.
Just because it is that tiny bit different from all the other tube skirts.

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Asos skirt | H&M top | Converse Allstars | Whistles leather jacket | New Yorker sunnies